Committee Members

The committee has been working tirelessly to bring you a memorable and successful event. 

Event Director: Brian Pullin

Assistant to Event Director: Elsje Brandis

Treasurer: Jo van Uden

Secretary: Jane Radny

Shire Liaison: Richard Summerfield

Publicity: Bec Radny, Mandy Rayner & Jane Radny

Prizes: Bec Radny & Kylie van Uden

Merchandise: Lyn Summerfield, Nicky Gusterson, Deb Jewell, Tracey Lynn, Jamie Linthorne, Kym Crook

Sponsorship: Tracey Lynn, Rosanne Pimm, Jane Radny, Bec Radny, Jo van Uden

Infrastructure: Tony Brandis, Richard Jeggo, Chris Haddon

Administration: Ieva Peters

Local Businesses: Verna Blackburne, Rosanne Pimm

Website: Bec Radny, Kirsten Mellis

Course: Ross McCamish, Deb Ryan, Richard Jeggo, Glenn Dix, Chris Haddon

Campsite: Ross McCamish, Tony Brandis, Richard Jeggo, Glenn Dix

Veterinary and Biosecurity: Anne Barnes, Joan Deetman, Anna Erickson 

Catering: Abigail Bartell, Verna Blackburne

Entertainment: Abigail Bartell

Risk Management: Richard Summerfield 

Volunteers: Bruce Ferguson, Anne Airey